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Dear ,
First we would like to thank you for your application an your interest in T-Systems.
Due to multiplicity of inquiries and incoming applications unfortunately an individual search is not possible – we kindly ask you for your understanding. Further we would like to request you to search specifically for an appropriate place of employment in our internet job exchange. Link: . Please select "English" on top of the page and click "Job Exchange" on the top left hand side. This page shows all current vacancies at Deutsche Telekom group. Select your personal search criteria, such a location or preferred department, and start the job search. Suitable vacancies will be desplayed in another window. Please apply directly in our internet job exchange.
Additionally, you can subscribe and benefit from our jobmail service:
For a period of eight weeks, you will receive an e-mail once a week with vacancies matching your search criteria.
To activate the jobmail service, please select first your personal search criteria in the upper part of this page in the job search fields. Then please enter your e-mail address. If you enter a mobile phone number (optional), you will be sent a free text message whenever a jobmail-email is sent out to you.
You are able to extend the period of the jobmail service or to unsubscribe from it at any time.

Kind regards,

The Employment Center Team

T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

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